Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Rusty Thimble

Brenda is having a giveaway for August and will have 5 different Prims.....How exciting. Just let her know that I sent you over. Click HERE to sign up.
Here's one of the goodies: Isn't he cute!!??

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  1. Hey! I wasn't sure where to post this but I saw your post on ORP's page on soap making! Lye is a chemical it isn't the same as Shea Butter. I saw a website where you can order it online--you *might* also get to buy it at a hardware store or something but I saw on a site it is sometimes discontinued because it can be dangerous (the reason I'm a little nervous to try soap making my first time too!) here's a link!

    ALSO wanted to let ya know I'm having a giveaway so check out The Frenzied Fox if you'd like! :)


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