Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well we have a lil' hummingbird bully at our house...seems he doesn't want the other 3 coming to the feeder...We've been watching him all day...chasing the others away...here he is sitting on a sunflower leaf...
I had to put another feeder up and he won't let them go to that one either...lil' bully birdie...but he is so beautiful!!
I wonder if this is the hummer that I took care of a couple of summers ago when he was just a baby and didn't know how to drink or fly...I taught him how to drink from the feeder and how to fly in our backyard before I let him go out into the world (had him for only 2 days)......would be somethin, huh?

Here he is again...going for a drink!
look at those wings~a~flappin'


  1. how pretty. I bet it is the same bird.

  2. How cool to look after the little hummer. August is a busy month for the little guys as they normally leave our area in Sept, so they are fattening up. They are very territorial, I have 4 feeders and they all fight. We have a bully as well who hangs out on the bush beside the porch. They are fun tho with their chirping and zooming...I nearly got hit head on the other day.
    This is the time I spent a lot of hrs sitting with the camera for the perfect shot...

  3. Gotta love those hummers...But they are extremely territorial and aggressive. We had one for years we called "King Tut" because he would sit on top of the feeder and chase off any other bird that even got close. The past two years tho he hasn't been here, so, I guess he's no longer with us. And I am sorry to say I actually was a casualty in a humming bird war - two were swooping and dive-bombing each other and one ended up hitting me in the cheek...still have the scar. Funny now (sort of), but it hurt like heck and required medical attention!! Crazy birds!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. That is too funny, I have never seen one do this.

  5. You are so lucky to get a picture ~ we've been trying to get a picture of one all summer.
    Thanks for sharing.]
    Prim Blessings

  6. A bully,giggles~ but so pretty~love the photos~
    I seen one last night around one of my geranium baskets he was there, then gone~


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