Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesdays Display Chain.....What's "Framed In"....

I'm joining in on Misi's Month long.....Tuesday Display Chain over at 1890 Gable House Musings Blog. The theme is to present anything we consider "Framed"...So here's my interpretation:

Here's a new piece that I purchased from Rhonda Tedder of Simple Thyme Prims....I love my new needle punch JOL~n~Keys....Look how it's "framed" in the rag stuffed homespun pillow. I have it hanging over a wooden shutter. One day I will sit down and do some punching....

Yay....We're finally getting a deck off the back of our house....I've waited for 4 loooong years hoping that we would do it ourselves...but alas we are not carpenters! I finally broke down and hired someone to build it for us...this went up in 3 days....would have taken us 5 years!! It'll be 24 feet wide by 20 feet long....I finally picked out the decking and railing....from Trex...its a composite/vinyl called spiced rum...dark brown with black streaks through it...also picked out white railings....I can't wait til the supplies gets delivered next week!!

Here's is a framed bench that I bought from the Letchworth Arts Festival several years ago...I love it...made of driftwood from Tennessee and pine wood "framed" flower box. One day I'll stain the wooden box!

Here's my most prized find from a few weeks ago. Found this bubble glass vintage photo of a baby girl born in 1925....The woman who sold it to me said it was her Mother!! She said they were moving to Florida and  didn't decorate in this style. I was happy to have found it though but sad that they wanted to give this piece away...I've been wanting to find a vintage tin "framed" bubble glass with a child so this is perfect!! It's a wooden "frame" with gold painting and just beautiful. I told the lady that I will treasure it forever and that I was hanging it up right when I got home....She was thrilled.

Here are my "framed" windows with sweet annie sitting in a preserved water bath in front of them....I had a great harvest and preserved most of my sweet annie bunches. They came out in an "olive" color and still smell divine!

Lastly here's a pic of my sunflower heads...."framed" in an enamelware baking pan....Not to worry, I left a ton of sunflower heads on the stalks for the birdies...

Go on over and see what everyone else has "FRAMED"......


  1. Patti,

    Love how you've displayed the JOL n Keys, so glad you like it, your sweet annie looks beautiful. What do you do with the sunflower heads??
    Have a great night!

  2. I love the JOL N KEYS ~ wish I knew how to do that. Great find on the baby pic ~ but how sad that she had to sell it. Your sweet annie is beautiful ~ mine didn't do well, I'll try again next year. I picked a bunch of sunflower heads and was going to bring them in the house until I saw little worms crawling around.LOL.
    Awesome job on all your Framed-In!!!
    Prim Blessings

  3. wow Patti , love the fall look round here and all your treasures especially that new pic , it amazes me how people can just throw relatives away :0) but at least it now has a new treasured forever home! Hope you have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  4. Great pics Patti! That JOL is adorable! And it looks like you'll be having lots of fun on that new deck!

  5. Lovely "framed in's" Patti - Wonderful old photo - can't believe that lady could give up a picture of her mother...yikes. So glad you will treasure it. Your Sweet Annie looks awesome - and YEA! on the deck!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hi, Patti~ Wow ~ beautiful start to the deck, she is going to be big!!!
    The JOL from Rhonda so pretty~ just love her work!!!
    Pretty window, bench & oh, my the framed baby pic, just adorable!!!!

  7. Love all your "framed" things Patti. Hooray for your new deck.


  8. Hi Patti, Great framed in post, you are going to absolutely love your deck! And that baby picture is adorable... Blessings,

  9. Wondering how you make a preserving waterbath?? I love sweet annie but have only ever dried it - but the scent does not last....

  10. Oh my goodness all these wonderful framed in goodies! Rhonda's needle punch is soo pretty ,love the design & colors. Your new deck wins the "Dissy" (like an Oscar
    award, but for a is a perfect example of "Framed In"..i can't wait to see pics of Cargil's enjoying it!.{{hugs}]
    Autumn Bliss ~ Misi
    P.S You're in ... I don't know how i missed your post. Thank you Patti ;0)

  11. Hi Patti...I just spent a very pleasant time looking around your blog. What fun! Lovin' your music, too. I'll be back.

  12. Your porch is fantastic, would love to have one, we always HIRE someone, If I waited on my hubby it would never get done!!!

  13. Hi Patti, I just love the picture of your framed sunflower heads!


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