Thursday, December 22, 2011

Iced Snowflake Glass Bulb Ornament Tutorial:

Here's a last minute idea if you need to make teacher/friend/family gifts for Christmas.....

I had these bulbs laying around for know "I'll use them for something"....bought on sale for a few cents....blah, blah, blah....

This is the finished let's get started...

Supplies: Glass bulbs...(could use plastic but I don't think they will catch the lights and sparkle as nicely)-get them after Christmas if making them for next year (on SALE!!) , any type of punch (I used Martha Stewart snowflakes-on sale at Michael's) or cut outs from cardstock (I used brown kraft paper) or printed paper...Don't use the really heavy card stock as they won't form to the rounded bulb very easily. I had the disc shaped bulbs but you can use any shape. You'll need mod podge or plain glue which is watered down, a sponge brush and waxed paper (for the glitter). You can also dry them on the wax paper but I had the original bulb containers.

Choose which cut outs you want to use can "audition" them on the bulb before applying the glue....I used 5 shapes on the front of my bulbs....Now coat your bulb (on the front) first...with quite a bit of glue. If you use too little it will dry quicker and you won't be able to reposition the cutouts- if you need to. I put a glob of glue on the waxed paper and bathed the cutout in it...flipped it over very carefully and loaded more glue on the other side.

Now position the first cutout in the center, pushing the cutout down with your brush so it sticks well. you can also use your nails to do this too. If they're not pushed down they will dry and lift off of the bulb a have some working time to get all of the cutouts on if you use enough glue on the base to start out with.
keep adding the cutouts until you like how they are positioned. Now with your brush...stipple the glue like I did in the pic will dry nicer than if you use straight brush strokes...I also stippled the glue with my fingertip too....

Next you will see all the cutouts in place...Now let dry until clear. If you see white...its not dried completely.

Now before the glue starts drying, add some fine white sparkly glitter to the sure to get all areas...I started by sprinkling each cutout first then sprinkled around the "white" glue areas....I used about 1/2 of this small container for 6 bulbs....when done sparkling it up, put the excess glitter back in the container for other uses :) (I am a prim girl who loves bling too )

Here they are in different stages of drying time....when they are all dry on the front...flip them over and do the same to the back...If you want to grungy up the top of the it after the front and back are dried....Brush some glue on the top piece then sprinkle with a grubby mixture of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin spice (or whatever you have on hand) and then gently shake off the excess and let dry.

You can add wired evergreen to the top (covering the silver part) and add red berries too. I also added an organza ribbon hanger on some.

Here are the finished bulbs...the brown kraft paper even looks kind of goldish/brown...with the sparkles.

All six bulbs were under $10-not too bad, huh? Hope you find some great after Christmas sales and have fun making these. Borrow a friends punch if you don't have one or I might be able to sell some for a small price...wink, wink...if you need snowflakes. Just let me know. If you'd like to post my tutorial on your blog...just email me for permission.
Merry Christmas & Happy crafting !!


  1. Awesome, awesome tutorial Patti! I love the look of these and you can bet I'll store this in my "memory bank" to make next year. I appreciate you sharing, they turned out lovely. I always like to tie an ornament on my neighbor gifts and this will be so different for next year.
    Merry Christmas and may Peace be with you in the new year~

  2. Hi Patti, Oh just love these, what a great idea using the snowflakes on then, and they are so pretty when lit. Thanks for sharing the idea with us. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Vicky

  3. Patti ,I love how these turned out.Need to get some punches and clear balls.Thanks for sharing another great tutorial!Merry Christmas to you and yours!Hugs,Jen

  4. Really cute Patti, and a great tutorial. I'll be on the lookout for those glass ornaments after Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Wonderful tutorial Patti - these bulbs are really great! Too late for this year (uh, yeah - running WAY behind here.....) - but definitely copying and saving for next year! Hope your Christmas was filled with merry and bright....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Those are so cool Patti! I love how they sparkle in the Christmas lights! I also love how you give such detailed instructions, thank you!

  7. Hey how did I miss this. I got mine. It was hanging at the top of the bench on the hook. Inside a wreath. Sorry didn't show up in the picture. Or at least that is where it was today lol. Thanks so much I love it.


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