Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm in LOVE...........

with my new...antique quilt....A full size... It's a grandmother's flower garden.....Look at the fabulous fabric that was used!! The quilt itself is in really good condition except for a few stains and three slightly separted hexagons.....Would anyone have any idea how old this one might be? I'm thinking 1930's-1950's? Although some of the fabric looks a bit geometric...would that be the 1960's~~ maybe?

 I can't help but wonder about the woman who made long it took her to old she was...where she lived....what she was like...what kind of family did she have and what did she use this quilt for??

The quilting is completely done by hand....The backing is pieced with two separate pieces.....The sales lady told me that a woman just bought a similar one that had a white backing and no staining!! Darn it all!! I was a few days too late!!

This is my very first quilt....I have been wanting to find an antique quilt for some time....I always seem to miss the estate sales and auctions...I'm gonna be on the lookout now for sure because I am hooked!!
I hear this pattern is a bear to make...very intricate and complicated but I'd love to try making a small lap quilt or table runner sometime. Does anyone know of any great quilt sites??

A close-up look:

You can see the stain again on this one:

What should I use to get it out? woolite?? I don't want to ruin it.....or should I just leave it?? The best part is that it's not a "stinky" quilt either...and I am happy about that....:)

I also purchased a 48 star flag today...I have always wanted one and finally found one!! I've drapped it over my new german luxe prim tree for the photo...not sure where I'll put it yet...

I couldn't resist this sweet lil' Valentine her for only $12 (I probably won't make myself anything for Valentine's Day...although it's my wedding annniversay...11 yrs this year!! Isn't she as sweet as can be. Purchased her from a local crafter who has insanely inexpensive prims!!

Here's another Valentine prim that I purchased today: It's crazy but I even have this Tenn Ridge pattern but would not have made it for myself this year...For only $12 I thought, "let someone else make it for me"....time vs $$, I say...and give the local crafters some business!!

Here's my cowl from Cathy @ Tolentreasures...what a sweetheart for making it for me to match my coat!! Thank you Cathy!! I love it...wore it today!!

Look at this adorable pillow that I bought from Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme....I looove it....
She does such a great job stitching!!

A closer look @ my pillow: I just love the stitched envelope, heart and sprigs~n~berries~~Great Job Jennifer.

Todd and Josh @ the pinewood derby car races today...Josh made a "tank" car, which is hard to see here...Todd cut it out, glued it, put the wheels on and weighted it (has to be 5 oz or less)...Josh painted the basecoat & camo and I stenciled the side white stars. I had to wash off the first one as I put it on too "prim" (on an angle)...ooops..... he wanted the two points facing funny!! Josh did'nt place but it's always fun to see what the kids have created and how excited they are. Todd must not have been ready and I only got one chance as Josh was off and running!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bunny, Hare, Rabbit...whatever you call them.....

Here are some cute Bunny labels that I just made....I love these lil' critters...just in time for Easter creating....they can be used with prims throughout spring and summer....after all.....the bunnies do visit some gardens all summer long ~~Thankfully, not mine...not yet anyway... I can't wait to get back in my garden and dig in the dirt!!

The labels are 2 1/3 x 3 3/8....There are four of each to a page. Click on the bunny with the blue sky.......~~Enjoy~~!!

and who doesn't love the Velveteen Rabbit story?....

Have fun with these!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to fix a blurry header....

MADE is one of my favorite non-prim blogs to visit...There are such cute ideas for many things over there.... and if you've had a blurry header (and I have....) visit to see how to fix it. (click on either the word MADE or the pic to get there).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Brenda's Having another giveaway....

She's wanted more entries so I joined in on the fun!! She's also giving away a $20 gift certificate for her etsy shoppe. How cool is that?? Way cool!!
Click HERE  to sign up for her sweet, prim bunny pull toy. It's the cutest...with those lil' carrots in the zinc lid.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vintage "Erin go Braugh" labels....

I should be doing other things but made labels for some "Erin go Braugh" prim creations....I listed a variety of vintage pics and here's one of them..... Click on the pic for the free download on some sweet St. Paddy's Day vintage labels. Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giveaway Winners.....

Thank you to all who've entered my pattern giveaway....I appreciate the interest and all of the nice compliments!! Wow...this took some time adding everyone's entries up....I used true random number generator to pick three winners but couldn't stop at I chose 4 more here are the winners:

Sheila-Seasons of Thy Heart
Denise-KKL primitives
Valerie-Yorkies Primitives
Rene-Sew Many Raggedies
Deb-Crows on the Cupola
Dee Begg-Ice House Crafts
Hanni-Many Stitches Later


I need to do some errands in this 10 degree weather (would rather not though).... but will send out the pattern to all of you today @ some point. Enjoy making Mr. Frostee!! I'd love to see your pics of him!!

Prim Blessings,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Time is ticking away.....

There is less than 1 1/2 hrs left to sign up for my snowman door greeter pattern giveaway. So if you want in sign up~ HERE I will draw three winners tomorrow. Look how cute he is hanging in one of my wreaths!! Good luck!!

A Sweet Vintage Valentine's Girl and Heart.....

This is one of my most favorite Vintage Valentine's graphics so I have decided to share her with you as one of my freebies. Click on her cute picture to download. Enjoy her as I do!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hurry on over.....

to the Smiling Goat on Facebook.....She needs only 4 more "likes" and will be having a giveaway....For those of you who do not know Kim Bour...She is a fabulous Folk Artist!! I adore her creations!! This is a sample of her work but NOT the giveaway....

Click on the pic to go to her FB page.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Security Alert....

I was just informed by a fellow blogger-Maureen from Sweet Meadows Farm that there is a site which gives out private information (address, age, income, credit rating, marital status, pictures on FB) about all of us for only $2.95!!  It's  Just be sure to check All of your names that you've been known as; even your maiden name. I found myself on there twice!! Just type in your name (s) (one at a time) to see what comes up. Once you have found your name (I can't believe so many people have the same name as I do!!) click on the bottom of the page where it says "privacy" will take you to another page so you can remove your name on this site. You MUST copy and paste your specific spokeo URL (address) and provide an email to complete the process. I had to do this with two different emails because it wouldn't take the same email address for both names!
Vamanos!! Get on over there ASAP!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a new pattern.....

I just posted this new pattern last night on my side bar here on my blog. It's called "Snowman Friends" and has patterns for six different snowmen. This is my second resale pattern. I have reached my goal to design and market at least two patterns while I was off from teaching college nursing students here in NY.

I have it on special~$6.00 for the e-pattern. They can be made up to be grungy or not so "dirty" as my mother would say..... I've also included a free stovepipe hat pattern as a freebie within the packet for those who love snowmen with hats on. The choice is yours. I sketched out their bodies, avoiding symmetry, which adds to their primitive look. Their faces have so much character in them too. I wanted this group of friends to all have smiles, which radiates positive energy, joy and happiness. Goodness knows we need more of that in this world today. I hope that you like them.
I love how they're all nestled in my giant copper bakers bowl!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swap Snowman and a Few Finds.......

Here's what I received in a swap from my friend, Cathy @ Tolentreasures....a GORGEOUS Tavern board painted with a sweet snowman....When I say sweet I mean SWEET!! I just love him!!  When Cathy first posted him, I knew right away that I had to have him. I asked her how much for the snowman and she said she'd like to swap instead....Yay, I said, I can do that. I am a decorative painter but only like to paint when I'm in the mood....and I haven't seemed to be in the mood for a long while...I've been more into making the textile goodies that we all love. Maybe one day I'll get back into it. She also sent me two painted wooden tags that I adore!

Just look at the detail here....Cathy is so talented!! I will have to find a spot to hang him....and yes, I'll probably keep him out for most of the year....he's a piece of art!! Oops forgot to take pics of the tags. One is a snowman and the other is a sweet prim star.

Here's what I found today on my travels to two different antique co-ops.....I was on the hunt today for start adding to my collection. I have a pitcher and salt and pepper shakers already. I had also wanted to start collecting tin molds to make some sugar molds and here's what I found: two pewter pieces~a sugar container with the sweetest little spoon that sits inside the notched hole and a small cup or bowl....(both on the right side). the rest are tin molds, one vintage bunny cookie cutter for (dough ornaments) and copper molds.
Here's what was written on the back of the copper molds... by the owner....back in 1972. This was a gift to the owner by her brother from a trip to Naples, NY (Wine country)!!
 (click on the pic to get a better look):

It's hard to believe that these copper molds are almost 39 yrs old (almost as old as me)!! They are in mint condition-obviously never used....and only $8.00. The price tag on the front is still there....$1.69 !!
I just had to have them!
Oh I also purchased two beadboard~n~peg shelves; one three feet (will go into our bathroom over our whirlpool tub) and the other four feet (will go over our bed). Didn't take a pic cuz they're in my van still.

Oh....I forgot to post this too. I love precious moments (I am holding onto my daughter's collection and I have about 15 for myself. When my daughter finally wants hers for her own house, my curio will be bare!! I found this one 1/2 mint condition...$7.50..what a bargain! The date is 1987. Don't you just love how she's pushing the little dolly or is it a baby? Sweet!! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please forgive me....

If any of you have tried to click onto my etsy button, I apologize...apparently I don't know how to work my etsy shoppe buttons yet.

It is now working and the Mr. Frostee e-pattern is now visible.

ps don't forget to sign up for my giveaway HERE.
patti :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Prim Friend....

Head on over to visit Donna @ Willow Creek Crossings. She is a prim shop owner and has some great prims.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr. Frostee's Debut.....

Here is Mr. Frostee...this guy will hang around all winter long with you whether on a door, a wall, on a large peg board, or cupboard, in the center of a wreath or just sitting around just about anywhere! Yes, he is my first resale PATTERN and here he is making his debut. I needed something prim for my front door and decided to create him. He is extremely easy to make, uses minimal supplies and looks & smells just great! He can stay up from early November til the end of March (Well in my house anyway)!! He measures approximately 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

He is currently for sale in my etsy shoppe (see "visit my etsy" button on the right sidebar) and on my website but I have decided to offer this pattern for my first giveaway of 2011. Three lucky winners will receive him (in E-PATTERN form) via email delivery. So...if you're interested in having him in your home (but of course you will have to make him first~and making him takes no time at all)....Here are the guidelines for my first 2011~PATTERN~giveaway:

There are 3 chances to win:
#1~Simply leave a comment under this post ONLY~~stating where you will put him (once you make him). (I will not be able to search other posts for entries, sorry).

#2~You must be a follower (let me know if your follower icon is different than your comment icon so I can track it).

#3~I would like to advertise Mr. Frostee so if you would like to place him on your blog that will be another chance.

If you do not have a blog, an email address must accompany the entry.

Sign ups will be taken until January 21st @ 11pm (Eastern time).

Winners will be notified on Jan 22nd via email with the pattern attachment. Winners will have until January 28th @ 8pm (EST) to claim their prize (and let me know if Mr. Frostee made it to their inbox).
This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE !! (How exciting)!!
One entry with up to three chances per person.
I will use true random number generator to pick the winners.
Thank you for taking a look @ him.....Best of Luck Everyone!!
I look forward to your comments.
p.s.~I will have another pattern coming out soon after Mr. Frostee and let's just say that I LOVE snowmen....hope that you do too!

Happy New Year~2011~

Just wanted to wish all of my online friends a Happy New Year! 2010 was a monumental year for me as my daughter graduated high school. She is completing her first year of college. I just can't believe how the time went by so fast! Seems like yesterday when she was just learning how to walk....and how she was so afraid of the sand at the beach that she wouldn't get off of the blanket (oh how I miss the Jersey shore!). Now she drives, hangs out with friends and goes to those crazy 18 yr old dance clubs in Buffalo!
This was also my first year blogging and I have to say It's been terrific meeting so many new prim friends who share the same passions as I do!

~Peace, Happiness and Health to All in 2011~