Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tobacco Basket Giveaway...

A Primitive Place has a new blog and is giving away a handmade Tobacco Basket made by Pam of Basketsnprim. It's gorgeous so if you want a chance to win head on over to sign up.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prim Paper Mache Easter Eggs...

Here's what I've been working on today before I re-stocked my booth....painted paper mache eggs. These go nicely with homespun wrapped eggs. Need to prim them up a bit more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Misi's Scavenger Hunt #1 Prim Finds....

I am participating in Misi's 1890 Gable House Musings Scavenger Hunt. I am a tad late in posting her first gathering of goodes but as long as I posted before 12pm today I am still in the hunt. I was able to find some things around the house; both displayed and hidden way down in the basement....I was able to find four of the 6 here they are.....

Olde Jar w/ seeds
Faceless doll
Homespun pillow case
Doll bed
Ironstone china

The olde blue Ball jar on the right has homegrown Zinnia seeds from my front flower beds last year....I also packed in some Fairy tale pumpkin seeds from my very first fairy tale pumpkin, which I purchased at a farmers market last fall...can't wait to plant these...they look just like the pumpkin carriage from the Disney movie~Cinderella...I couldn't fit my basil package in the jar nicely but those are my favorite to plant not only in the garden but also in pots for the front mail lady loves bringing the mail and smelling the basil! I did give her some to plant too.

Here's a couple of faceless dolls and a homespun pillow:

Here's the bigger prairie doll in her usual spot:

and finally a doll bed, which I purchased for $5.00 a few summers ago at a yard sale. The lady said it was a doll bed for her daughter's dollies. I had visions of putting all of my annies and dollies in there to sell at my craft booth but never ended up painting it or filling it with dolls...maybe one day I'll get to it...I want to paint it black and distress it...(heck I want to paint everything black)

Here's another doll bed~a trip down memory lane: this is about 18 yrs old~belongs to my daughter (shhh don't tell but my son played with these too). Goes to her Fisher Price Doll House. My how time flies by....

An ironstone china gravy boat...with a scene from England...I love this piece....made in England:

Here are my items for Misi' 1890 Gable House Musings Scavenger Hunt #2:

Child's chair
Toy Boat
Colonial Print (with a boy and a girl)
Iron Tree
Blue Willow

Child's chair: I will show you two~

                                                   Here's a highchair made by the amish-

A church find...$5.00

A Toy Wooden Boat: in a nice wooden frame. This lives in my son's room

Colonial Print...Whatcha think about this one?

There's a boy and a girl....and another girl and a mom and a dad.....donning their colonial "saloon" clothing!
This was a ton of fun...but so long ago...look at how little Joshua, Rachel and Leah are...and wow my hair was so short...Todd looks like a mean villian......I know that we weren't supposed to smile but we did anyway...

Here's my lil' metal tree...

Here's my blue willow least that's what it said on the tag when I bought it..even though it does not have the chinese scene on it?? Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have collected.... Misi: Let me know if this one counts.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blogger in Town....

Please go on over and welcome Margie from HUNGRY HOOK PRIMITIVES  to our lil' olde primitive blogging community...She is a new follower of mine and I just discovered that she is an amazing rug hooker...(is that what they are called)? lol....She would like to get some followers and eventually have a giveaway for one of her amazing hooked rugs....She does AMAZING WORK!!....Click on her blog link above or on her hooked rug below to get there....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is it Wednesday???

Does anyone know what this is? I picked it up at a yard sale last summer while I was lookin' for olde, rusty ~n~junky stuff....but can't figure out what it was used for....hmmmm? It does not open up at all.  Any ideas? It does look cool hanging on the wall but I haven't found just the right spot for it yet.

Cedar Creek Giveaway...

Check out this sweet giveaway over at Cedar Creek Primitives. Karen just started a new selling blog and will draw the winning name on April 9th.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prim Carrots....

Using my new Bunny Love epattern...
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway, which ends on April 9th. Click Here for a chance at winning Sleeping Bunnies, Prim carrots (like these minus the tags AND they will have needle sculpted "indents"), salt dough stars and prim homespun and painted eggs

E-Pattern is now available....

I have listed my Bunny Love e-pattern here on my blog sidebar. Hope you like making this set.
Click on the pic for a more detailed view.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Primitive Place Giveaway....

Tammy from A Primitive Place is having an excellent giveaway...She is offering a $20 gift. the winner will decide what they would like to own from Tammy's prim stash! Sign up for up to 6 chances to win something from her website (click on the link to travel to her website) or etsy shoppe (click to see her etsy treasures). Hurry now...sign up is until April 15th and she will announce the winner on April 16th.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunny Love....

I'm hopping hoping that these cuties will be in epattern form and available much to do today and this weekend! How do you all like them?...Seems they all have their own personalities?? The pattern will include: how to make the bunny sitters & make-do, how to paint the paper mache, and how to make the homespun wrapped eggs and prim carrots.

Oh yeah...scored a gorgeous Antique dresser today...heavy oak~scalloped swivel mirror, dovetail Excellent condition although it needs to be refinished. It's painted a white color~yikes...need to pick it up later so will post a pic this weekend....I've been wanting one of these vintage dressers forever...we used to have one from my grandmother but I dont' know what happened to it...disappeared when I was in my 20's....when I didn't care about antiques... Happy Weekend All!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Gathering Place Giveaway....

Please visit Rebecca over @ A Gathering Place...and look at this gorgeous pink fluffy Easter pillow, which she handmade. This is her giveaway item...and I love it! Rebecca has the most beautiful and romantic items that I haven't seen in a long time....considered cottage chic....which I love by the way...She paints the most beautiful roses...I must learn how to paint those someday...Click on her link above or on the pic below...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain...Baskets/Easter Baskets

Here are a few of my baskets for Misi's 1890 Gable House Musings Basket Chain.......
Maybe not the traditional Easter baskets but they work...I do love to collect baskets and these are only a few of them....

Baskets on an old chippy bench (yard sale find $7.00 a couple of years ago). Picnic basket on the left~from GW $1.99....see the bunny peeking out of the teapot basket? Can't see the spout too well....A prairie doll among sweet annie and mugwort (forgot to add Tansy to that basket). Look at the sleeping bunny in the small basket...cute huh? Can you tell that these Easter prims are part of my giveaway? I'll enjoy them until the drawing...hehe.

Old cookie cutters (one is a bunny) & homespun eggs:

Annie & Andy sitting in a large olde basket with olde wooden bobbins, a sunflower and a heart sitting atop one of my crocks: (both dollies made by Jenn Martino-West).

A basket with unfinished paper mache eggs:

A garden berry basket with some prims sitting atop another crock: I cut the black mammy's head off in the pic...:(

Peg basket with sweet annie and mugwort~yes I'm getting rid of that shelf this spring/summer...and the white molding...not my idea...was here when we moved in....I need ideas for a new facade so any help would be appreciated!

A cool basket that I found years ago at the AppleUmpkin Festival in Wyoming, NY. Filled with blackeyed susans, prim sunflowers (facing rear for a particular'll find out soon....) and blue coneflowers accented with my grungy flag on a stick. (the flag is actually a dishtowel...I sold a ton of these this past summer at my booth).

An olde picnic basket with an olde wooden bobbin, wood bowl and a not so prim Bunny (But I love her anyway)! See the prim german luxe tree and the prim iron bike?...I need to put fabric back on the base of that tree...ooops.
And now you have seen some of my prim baskets~n~gatherings...Head on over to Misi's blog to see more!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bunny Sitter...

Hello prim friends...Isn't this collection just the cutest for spring decorating? I'll be making this cute bunny sitter with carrots and paper mache eggs into a pattern packet this week. Watch for it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Perfectly Prim Party....

Stop on over to the Prairie Patch Perfectly Prim Link Party. It goes on from Sunday to Wednesday and is a great way to get some traffic to your blog.

A Sleeping Bunny Among the Carrots...

How cute is this lil' bunny sleeping in between two carrots? I just love how she came out....She is machine & hand sewn...I did not use hot glue as the pattern called for. Now I have to make her go into the giveaway....Click HERE to sign up by April 9th. Oh and if you can't wait til the giveaway to get this lil' bunny and would like to make one or several for yourself or to give away...visit Kathy @ My Primitive Saltbox . She has been ill recently and is in the hospital so she would love to hear from prim friends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What I'm workin' on for my Giveaway....

Here's the updated giveaway...I'm almost done...Yippee!! I did darken this bunny's ears a bit-they were too whitish on the inside...

(just finished the paper mache polka dot how they turned out! don't they go so well with the homespun eggies?...and added the salt dough stars...Gonna work on the bunnies next and oh they're going to be so cute!)

Well I reached my 200th follower plus one! Here's what I'm working on for my Spring giveaway. My giveaway will include carrots (with sweet annie stems), a bunny or two, some homespun wrapped eggs and some decopauge eggs (that are not finished yet). There may be some salt dough included as well. Doesn't look like much now but when I get everything done I'll post a new picture. PS don't ya just love how things transform from nothing and into something great? Can you guess what those little white things are in the pic?

Now onto the Giveaway: Here are the guidelines:

The giveaway is open until April 9th @ 11pm Eastern time. I will pick the winner on April 10th....It's open to my followers (new followers are welcome to join in ) and will be pulled from this post only. Followers from the USA and Canada are invited to participate. Two entries per person: One entry for posting a comment here on what you like about Spring time and another one if you post my giveaway on your blog or on facebook (if you do not have a blog)...but you must let me know that you did this. That's it....easy....
Best of I need to get back to work!

PS: The wooden egg tray and the picnic basket are not included in the giveaway...I just found the egg tray at GW...isn't it great?
I am participating in a Pay It Forward Event:

Here's how it all works:

The first 5 people (who have not signed up yet for this event, who follow me & live in the USA or Canada) and comment on this post will receive a prim handmade goodie from me. First you must write a blog post explaining why you want to play Pay it Forward then you will send out a handmade gift to the first five visitors who leave a comment on your blog post. Your handmade goodies (no dollar tree items please) don't all have to be in the mail tomorrow (but over the next several weeks). I'll say postmarked by April 4th for my section of this event. Please take time in creating heartfelt treasures THAT YOU WOULDN'T MIND RECEIVING YOURSELF. This is a great way to meet new friends and share a little bit of yourself with them. I'm requesting that you send them out with a confirmation # (it's only 75 cents each or $3.50 total-less than a cup of fancy coffee or 2 sodas!) to ensure that everyone receives their goodies. I will send to USA and Canada residents only (sorry to everyone else). ...Patti

Remember it's not the size of the gift but the thought that let's all have fun and Pay it Forward!

This blog post has closed. I will randomly send out little gifts to prim friends now and then. patti

Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Prim Blogger....

Hello Everyone: Please stop by my prim friend's blog and become a follower. She recently started a blog and will be giving away this sweet prim rabbit door greeter when she reaches 100 followers. I just love this piece that she's made....She is an incredible prim artist and can be found @ Five Acre Primitives blog. Please welcome Lori to our Prim community. She is also on Facebook-click here to become a friend and to see all of her prim goodies. She's amazing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm almost at 200 followers.......

I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers. Hard to believe that I've been blogging for a little over a year. How time flies when you're having fun with your prim friends! It will most likely be an Easter or Spring giveaway so I will work on a few things. Stay tuned on when and where to comment for the giveaway. (Please do not post for the giveaway here)

Since I don't have a pic of my giveaway's a pic of some salt dough Star ornies that I've made & painted and put into my handcarved wooden bowl from Kenya. I also have some old clothes pins, handmade crow~n~stars candle tarts, sprigs from my Christmas tree (Hey don't judge me..they look woodsy), sweet annie sprigs, cinnamon sticks and rosehips in the bowl. You all know that I'm lovin' polka dots lately so some "primadot" items may end up in the giveaway....I've also purchased more cookie cutters for more salt dough ornies.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Handmade Art Fair Spring Extravaganza

Check out this wonderful site which is filled with talented artists displaying their wares. Brenda Sanger of the Vintage Polka dot is one of the featured artists and is having a fabulous giveaway for her Handmade Harvest Harvey Doll. Brenda's work is superb! You can check out her blog to see what she has been up to. I've admired Brenda's work for about one year now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WooHoo....I'm a Winner!!

I was going through my blog roll about 40 minutes ago and saw that Maureen from Sweet Meadows Farm was having one of her surprise pattern giveaways....usually the first 3 to comment win....and I was #2....Here's what I picked out: Scarecrow for hire...I've been wanting him for so long...He's 29 inches tall and check out the converse on this dude...sweet!...can't wait to make him for fall....I have a ton of her patterns....she is just the most incredible artist....I secretly idolize her! (shhhhh)

Make a card for Haeli....

I've just found out that a fellow blogger knows of a 12 year old little girl who is battling ovarian cancer in Ohio. She was asked to send a card to help cheer her up. Go HERE to read about Haeli if you'd like to make one. Haeli loves art and scrapbooking and would probably love some stickers and supplies too. I'll have to go see what I can find in my stash for her.

You can mail your card to:

c/o Melissa French
1425 23rd St. NECanton, Ohio 44714

Meet My Basil.....

Here's my Raggedy Basil Bunny. This was a pattern challenge from Wendy over at Ravenwood Whimzies to see what we could dream up with a pattern and no instructions......He's bright eyed and bushy tailed...hey wait a minute...I forgot to add his cotton tail...oh one will see it since he has pants on! He has bright blue eyes to match is egg. They were done with acrylics and prisma pencils. I need to shade around his facial features with burnt umber to give him more definition but wanted to you all to finally meet him! His muzzle and nose were made out of cotton batting and are dimensional-poly filled. His body was done in a raggedy style with the raw edges kept on the outside. I still have to shade the raggedy edges...I mean his fur....with the burnt umber as well. He's all decked out in red cuffed pants with brown plaid suspenders. He's holding a cute prim egg-and doesn't want anyone to steal it....He's sittin' in a garden tray (can't think of the official name of it now-help me out prim friends) and he's holding some sweet annie tied with cheesecloth. He has also found some prim pears that he is hoarding too. Now where are all his carrots? They haven't grown just yet....they are seedlings sittin' in the fabric garden waiting to be planted. Maybe next weekend? He is my 3rd prim doll with a painted face. I did an annie doll and an annie make-do last spring and sold those to a dear friend for her and her mother. Wish I had more time to make more!

Here he is again....

He just can't wait for Easter!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here's a sneak peak at my Basil....I can't decide yet on what type of face to give him....hmmmmm...I was hoping to have him done by tonight...yes, I do believe he will be a boy you see the sweet blue~n~brown polka dot eggy? I looove it. I'm obsessed with polka dots!

New Fabric...Basil and Steve....

Here are some quick pics......I was in my favorite quilt shop yesterday....I was able to find some wonderful Civil war reproductions and a few brushed woven plaids.....all 30% off so about $6.00/yd. The red/yellow paisley fabric was $2.49 for a 1/2 yd....which was all that she had left. I just love it all.... WooHoo! I'll probably be going back for more! Look at the combos that I will be putting together for some prim dolly dresses and whatever else I think up....I was there for 1 1/2 hrs trying to decide what I wanted....and of course talking to Marie-the owner.

I am working on my Basil bunny challenge hosted by Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies....he went into the dryer before I stain him because I don't want any coffee stains in my new dryer..and he has to be fluffed up first!
and's Steve....he loves to go into this slipper and just hang out...Isn't he just darling? We just love this lil' critter! Now Josh is playing with Steve in his Fisher Price castle...he's been having a blast with him!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rusty Thimble Chick Giveaway...

Look at this lil' sweet chicky from Brenda over @ The Rusty Thimble...She is having a March spring giveaway because it's her favorite season! She will make one for the lucky winner in their color choices. How generous is that? Very generous! She used a Brenda Sanger pattern for this adorable prim chick-Brenda S. always designs the best see more of Brenda S patterns click HERE....and Brenda AKA TRT is an amazingly talented artist who never quits! I want to know her secrets to being an energizer prim crafter!?*#? She amazes me completely...So head on over to see Brenda and sign up. Ends March 30th...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PAFA Spring Giveaway...

Head on over to sign up for this incredible giveaway. There are so many talented artists who've generously donated their wares for this Spring Giveaway. Someone is going to be a very lucky prim lady (or man)....
I'm excited because I already follow so many of these talented artists. Woo Hoo!!...Click below to head on over! Now get going!!