Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodies from Maine....

My goodies arrived from Kat of Primitive Echoes....look at all the great prims...I love this rough cut caddy with the terra cotta pots...going to plant some herbs in those! I had seen Kat's table top shelf and just had to have one...she is an amazing woodworker...just look at these two birdhouses that she made! I couldn't put the staked one up yesterday because of the strong winds...I'll probably keep the bigger one inside...or on the look at this ticking pillow...there's corn inside which can be frozen or heated to use for sore muscles and such...I'll be needing that when I start playing in my gardens!!...Kat I just love everything! Thank you so much!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazing Treenware Bowl.....

Well I was a lucky duck today....was passing by the GW and at the last minute thought I would stop in for a "few minutes"....glad that I did....went right over to the usual wood~n~basket section and spied this beauty instantly...a gorgeous SC treenware bowl that looks like a German or Pennsylvania Dutch piece...the carving detail is exquisite!!....a poor woman walked by me and said "oh I was just looking at that but it wasn't meant to be"...I said "I'm sorry"I did feel bad but I did not want to give it up...I still feel kinda bad about it....also found a tin candle lamp and a gorgeous glass decanter...I don't know if the decanter is old but it is just gorgeous....The top does not have a rubber or silicone stopper either...just look at all the's embossed on the's so stunning in person....has anyone ever seen one of these or know about this type of container?...Please don't tell me that they're at the Mall !.. ....Will probably fill it with olde wooden spools...Also picked up two weighted candle holders for  pinkeeps or makedo's.....All for under $20.....

will have to find the right spot for it after it gets a good cleaning! Click on the pic for more detail!

Here are the Decanter & Tin Candleholder:

Must find spots for those too! Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Demijohn Anyone?

Check out Angies Demijohn creation over at The Country Chic Cottage......made out of old t-shirt material...she has so many great ideas!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calling all Sweet Annie Lovers....

I've been having a great time using my Sweet Annie in so many prims have a limited supply but I am willing to give up some of this "prim gold" and would like to offer it for SALE......I have 8 bunches....They will come neatly and wrapped in crow tissue paper so they fit in the box...the bunch on the right that is wrapped will look like the one on the left when unwrapped.....they are full, have multiple sprigs and are quite long-Approx 34 inches so I will ship them off in a 38 inch tubed priority box....Once they arrive....carefully unwrap your new delicious Sweet Annie and gently fluff it this over the tissue paper as you DO NOT want any bit of the seedlings to go to waste.....This is green & yellow gold in my eyes and I use EVERY DROP! Also, do not throw away any of the stems...break them up and put in your fixins & bowls.......

I purchase this SA from a local herb farm here in WNY. Each SA Bunch has been dried upside down since last fall and stored in a dark, dry, cold space so it has been unaffected by inside winter "heat"....It's recommended to keep it out of direct sunlight too. The SALE price is $10.99 per bunch plus priority shipping (Through the end of May). I use Paypal and will send an invoice for the total price. I prefer to use paypal for payment. The priority price will depend on where you live and the weight of the package. I will ship throughout the continental US and if I can ship to Canada with these boxes, I will be glad to do so...

Here's a pic so you all can see the dimensions of the "Full" bunch and when it's "wrapped" as compared to the 38 inch tube box.

The first 8 to comment here, send me an email with their addy to: pkendall1(at)frontiernet(dot)net and order through paypal will be the ones that I ship to...I will also post on FB. Thank You for looking! Patti
click on the pick to see the SA closer.....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Brooch from Lexi....

Lexi of Lexi Loves Vintage is having a giveaway and will be offering a stunning 1920's blue Czech glass brooch. I have always been drawn to these gorgeous pieces, even as a small go on over and visit Lexi.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pantry Cakes....

Here are a few of my pantry cakes...I used a larger heart mold and bunny~n~carrot cookie cutters. I added coffee dyed cheesecloth, thin hemp string and sweet annie sprigs. A rusty wire can be added to the backs for hanging on pegs......Click on the pic for more detail.....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Furbabies, Flowers and More...Updated

I'm playing along in Misi's Scavenger Hunt-Part 4. Here's my update version since my daffodils are starting to bloom: (if you've already seen this post....skip over the furbaby part)...

You can't imagine how hard I've tried to get the "perfect" picture of my baby pups and front flower gardens...JUST here they are lying on the loveseat.....lounging....they both recently went to the beauty parlor...well essentially they were shaved down...if you all remember Zoey...the chocolate cocker....she was a furry teddy bear this winter...and Molly had long cockapoo wavy hair! They just love lookin' out the windows at all the new birdies and people and cars going by!


Here are my all time favorite flowers of Spring.....Lilacs..... lil' lilac buds at DUSK... getting ready to bloom in the next month...I wish they bloomed all spring & summer long!

And.....A Sunset from my backyard....God's creation of loveliness!

and another beautiful Sunset a few minutes later.....

I am so Thankful for New Life in Springtime....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Stitched Sampler Sewing Caddy.....

Look at this adorable stitchery sampler sewing caddy made by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt. Kaaren is an amazing artist of all sorts...a painter, a quilter, a rug hooker...Her work is to die for! For those of you who do not already follow on the pic or link to go on over and see all the fabulous tutorials and freebies that she has available. I just love this blog!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Keeping Room Giveaway

It's a secret giveaway...In honor of the success of Heather and Lori's selling blog....the winner will receive a $40 valued gift(s) of their choice!! Head on over to The Keeping Room and check out all the great prims and won't be disappointed!

A Primitivesnstitchin Giveaway....

Becky is almost at 200 followers...and will give away two prizes if she reaches the magic number.... She has the cutest giveaway items for her blog milestone....a sweet lil' quilt... and a cute pocket dolly for scissors, other sewing needfuls or whatever! Hop on over to sign up....She make just the greatest things!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New dough bowl and giveaway winner...

Wanted to show my new dough bowl that I purchased a few weeks ago at the antique shop in Farmington, this bowl...look at the patina and it's soooo heavy...There are three cracks on the sides adding to its olde thyme charm....makes you wonder who used this bowl...A Mother, A Baker at a bakery?...hmmm

Here's a pic of my bowl with all the names for the giveaway....60+ entries

I am grateful to all of my followers; new and old...that comment and whom are interested in what I have to say or show...and I Thank You all for that! I remember over a year ago wondering how do people get their sites to look so nice with these backgrounds and everything...and since figuring that out with the help of people along the way....I return the favors and love to give new bloggers tips and tricks in getting started or adding to their blogs....

and really, now onto the winner.....are you dying of anticipation yet?

drum roll........

and the winner is........

Tina from "Tina's Primitive Attic"--------Yay for Tina!!!!
If you haven't visited Tina yet, click on the link above and become a follower. She is a new blogger so go on over and say HI....She has some of the most amazing prims...I love her spring dresses with an attached ornie, hanging on a stick hanger...she has so many different ones...just beautiful!
Tina, I hope you like your new Easter Prims.....
Send me your addy and I will get them out this week.
Thank you all for participating in my giveaway.
Patti :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #4

I'm participating in Misi's 1890 Gable House Musings scavenger hunt #4. I really thought that I was outta the game since I didn't have any of the same bath and body work scents or any of the other goodies on her list. Here's what I did find though for the second half of the hunt:

1. A pair of authentic wooden shoes from Holland-not sure how they walk around in these hard things!! They're right from my basement-had to blow the dust off :)-been meaning to do something with these for at least 10 yrs. A family friend brought them back.....put them on my chippy bench with some summer flowers and my Americana flag.

2. Heart pantry cakes dusted with cinnamon...made last night with my silicone molds....baked for six hrs on 170 degrees....

3. My daughter's 19 yr old Christening gown and hat...this one made me choke up reminiscing about her sweet life! The collar has yellowed a bit and I'm sad about that!

and lastly:

#4 (Bero's contribution): Yay, I can do this..we order pizza once a week.....had a delicious pie from Pontillo's (Churchville, NY)....for those who don't live around here...this is one of the best pizza places...started in Batavia, as we're getting our slices, I say "I gotta take a picture of this"...well my son and husband look at me like I'm crazy...I say "It's for my blog"...Josh says "why do you need to take a picture of pizza for your blog" I say, "I'm in a contest"....and they both looked at me again like I'm nuts!! It was a riot!! Thanks for the fun, Misi !! :)

I just realized that the pizza was from the first part  of #4 so I made some biscotti:

Misi: Here's my Cranberry~n~Walnut Biscotti....this is one of three's actually still cooking on each side...but I had to make the 12pm deadline:
Here's a prettier biscotti:

If you've never made must try it...very easy and so oil, no butter....which makes us all a bit's the site that I used: Cranberry Biscotti...I substituted walnuts for the pistachios and also added white chocolate with the cranberries. Yummo! Oh and by the prepared to be in a sugar coma afterwards.....I've been really good; lost 10lbs recently but ate a couple of the smaller wedges during the baking process and just couldn't keep my eyes open....:) What was I thinking when I quadrupled the recipe?? Todd will eat them and maybe take some to work.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Madalynne's Lil' Birdie.....

Here's my special gift from Madalynne over at Pineapple Primitives. She had an impromptu giveaway for the first 10 visitors who commented on her birdie posting....and I was #2....How lucky for me. He's so cute with the thread in his mouth, sitting on a wooden spool. Madalynne's attention to detail is superb....what a talented artist! Thank you so much Madalynne. I will treasure him always.
Click on the pic for a more detailed view.

Hurry...It's almost giveaway time....

Thank you to all who have signed up for my Spring giveaway but if you haven't signed is the time to do it...latest time to sign up is Saturday April 9th by 11pm Eastern time. Click on the pic to go to the link. A winner will be picked on Sunday....See original posting for GAW rules:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Amazing Hooked Rug Giveaway...

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives is having an amazing giveaway. She will be sending this incredible hooked penny rug to someone's home when she reaches 100 followers. She's at 76 right now so head on over to say Hi, sign up and let her know that I've sent you over. If you recruit new followers you too will get an extra chance so what are ya waiting for....get over there right away.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big News...

I was just offered a spot in Patternmart. I'm just so excited!!...been waiting for about a year to get in. I have piles of ideas in my head and on my sketch pads; saved from the last 2 yrs or so....Trying to figure out how to add another account in paypal so I can get started.  I'll let you all know when I get some patterns listed. Now I better get busy making some new patterns!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Primitive At Heart Prims

Head on over to see my new friend Patti over at her new blog: Primitive at Heart She's new to the prim world so give her a nice prim welcome and become a follower! She just made up a cute prim sunflower and crow can, made some Easter prims and has great recipes too. I can't wait to try the chinese dish using spagetti noodles!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Antique Dresser...

How could I have forgotten to post a pic of my new antique dresser??....It was a thrift store find...a diamond in the's oak with this white painted all over it...not sure what I'm going to do with it yet as far as refinishing...might use chalk paint and stain over the white...?? I love this olde scalloped mirror, which swivels. Just look at the detail on the front of the dresser...dovetail drawers of course. It's quite big too. Now I've really gotta go and correct some papers......I get easily distracted with all this prim stuff!! :)

Antique and Prim finds....

Here's a peek at what I've found at antique shops, co-ops and a peddlers market hubby also found some great things for me too.....

He found an antique excellent condition:
He was so excited to show me more things the other day...he knows I've been wanting a yellow ware he was proud to show me this one...and a brown pottery bowl (not sure what this one is called), some old wooden spools and bobbins-I can see some wagons and carts being made with these...Hey does anyone know how to clean yellow ware? This one is filthy as you can see...There are also two metal frying pans and a small olde crock that we can't get open (any ideas as to how to open it?) I will try warm water first but am scared because it says its a cheese crock...I'm afraid of what I will find in there!! The wooden table is also very olde... folds up too.

Here's a 19 yr old blue pottery jar dated 1992 with the artists initials BBP that I bought for $22...I love it!!

now look at all these cool prims that I picked up today at Peddlers market:
Very olde spoons (to use with Misi's embossed garden markers tutorial)-Yup I ordered my metal lettering kit from Harbor Freight on sale now for $4.99. I've been also wanting to try making some metal jewelry with it too. Click on the link to go to Misi's garden marker tutorial.
I also found an olde tamborene (without the parchment paper)-makes you wonder who played it all those years ago, a chenille bedspread, an old wooden trunk (for storing fabric of course), an old maple syrup can, blue willow saucer, three pairs of olde baby shoes, which I can see mice or bunnies popping out of or painted Americana or both, an olde canada dry box, very olde books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. There's even one with a fantastic picture of Abe Lincoln (which I can make transfers with)-yippee!!,  a tin funnel and an olde wicker baby carriage-worn but has so much yesteryear charm!

Here's the carriage in the house with my dollies from Jenn over at Yankee Ridge Prims:

Hope you enjoyed looking at my new "olde" finds.

My Raggedy Primitive Bumble Bees are here !!

My Primitive Raggedy Bumble Bees are featured in the newest June issue of Create and Decorate that's out now....WooHoo! I'll also be featured in August and October! A dream come true for me.....I haven't received a copy yet but thanks to Denise L this is what they look  like on the page:

This is what they look like in a bowl at my house:

They can be sanded to look olde!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt #3

Here's what I found for
Misi's scavenger hunt #3

A crow on a stick (a wooden stick bobbin with my handmade crow)
Funnel (new but made to look olde)
Abraham Lincoln silhouette box (I made the silhouette)
Putz sheep (mine is made of muslin but does have stick (well masonary nail legs). After researching the term "putz" I found out that the Pennsylvania Dutch German immigrants also called these putz figurines "stick leg" sheep...with fuzzy bodies of real wool.....(mine has a real wool blanket...does that count Misi?) If not I'll try to find something else.
I almost bought a maple syrup tin but noticed that it was turned into a I passed on it.
I do have an olde stool which I'm going to redo with wool; probably in a penny rug design...did not have time to get this done for the hunt :(
I searched for a wooden tobacco mold but couldn't find one anywhere :(
Hope that I passed the "hunt"
Thanks Misi....

Here's another shot with the crow on a stick inside a large wooden bobbin:

Update: I found a Syrup Can at the prim show for $1.50...Since I didn't think that my sheep counted...this makes 4...