Friday, July 29, 2011

My new obsession....

I've been so intrigued by rug hooking and love how it looks so I thought I'd give it a try. I practiced using my hoop and monks cloth and think that I need to practice even know I'm gonna need to build myself one of those hooker frames...yippee. I love using my brad nailer!! Does anyone know where to get the "teeth" that hold the rug in place on all 4 sides? I don't want to pay $70 for a small one that I found today

I also went to a quilt shop in Caledonia, NY today and bought linen to use instead of that flimsy monks cloth.......I borrowed a Rigby wool cutter from my friend Jan who is an amazing rug hooker and has her wares in a shop in LeRoy, NY right on main street. I need to cut as much wool as I can this week before I have to give it back. I will probably miss it and want to buy one...any suggestions from you rug hookers out there? Jan has a more sophistocated one that she uses in her shop.  It was a by chance encounter that we met last weekend. I didn't really know what the shop sold so I walked in...Jan has finished rugs of all sizes in there....she just told me that she sold one today for $250...she does such amazing work. I have pics of her shop on my cell but have to send them to my email then will post....She's getting her etsy shop ready to sell some wool....visit her here @ Addicted to Wool on Etsy. She has handmade ladies overalls on there right now but will be putting some of her wool wares for sale as well.

Jan's been hooking for about 20 years so I have a great teacher!! I'm so lucky.....she let me practice in her fancy sitdown apparatus last weekend....its for the "serious" hooker....they say that your first piece is suppose to come out ugly and will only get better from there. I want to do a pumpkin-simple but I'm finding that I need to practice making round edges...I've got a lot to learn....She also let me borrow two books today so I have a week to read as fast as I can. What a great prim friend!!

Thank you Jan!! :)

I also wanted to show this fabulous Civil War Quilt done by the owner of Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop
It's just beautiful especially in person. I took it quick but you can see what I mean~~stunning!! 
 I really want it but she says it isn't for sale...yet. Click on the pic to get a better view....I aspire to make one of these someday....they're basic blocks but would probably take me forever to make!! Hehe.
ps this is a Barbara Brackman line: Civil war Crossings from, I believe, 2004...I was able to get one of the blue fabrics though.....I'd love to get more of these  (psssst...Jennifer H. do you have any of these?)

Garden Angels...

Here are three lil' cutie garden angels that I made recently for a friend who has 3 sweet grand daughters. Jenny Matlock from Off On My Tangent posts the sweetest, funniest, cutest posts about her little grands.....they are the light of her life!
Here's the post that I read back in January 2011 and it made me want to make the angels
"Can I Show You Christmas"?

Here are the Garden Angels sitting in my front flower garden before heading off to Arizona. They couldn't wait to make a trip out west...all they kept doing was chatting about it.....
and here they are with Jenny's grand littles....look how happy the girls are...the dolls were made to resemble each lil' sweet grand little....the tags say: Gramma's Garden Angels....looks like they love their new home!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Antique Beauty....

Look what I found today while antiquing with my BFF in awesome find! I've always wanted one of these but I've never seen one quite like this antique cabinet Singer sewing machine...with treadle that was converted to electric....SWEEEEET!! I'm just in heaven. Its in really great shape, the shop owner told me it was from the early 1900's  (just looked it up; it's a G series from 1915)....was probably about $500 way back then.....I've already found a spot for it! Solid oak...its very heavy but has wheels to move it....Now take a look at it:

All 5 drawers on the left open nicely and are in fabulous shape. There are bobbins and machine parts too.
No book though.

The top opens up  and the sewing machine is hidden below until you press a button on the front and up it pops! The only things needing slight repair are the left top handle....I'm gonna make a clay mold and try to make a silicone replacement with black & brown acrylics then glue it on....if anyone has any other ideas of how to restore the wooden embossed knob, let me know!! The bottom lower molding needs to be reglued on the right biggie! I'm still in heaven!!

Here's a detailed view of the drawers and molding. Click on the pic for a better view......I looooove it!

Here's a close up of the Sewing machine. I've only seen the black ones with gold and NEVER any red decals...look at how beautiful it is!!! I don't want to use it to sew but for decorative on the pic to get a better view.....Now for the final news...guess what I paid for friend and I were waiting to hear maybe $250-$350 or so but the shop owner says quietly........$100.00 !! My friend says "I saw this back in April but my husband would have killed me if I came home with another one". "I have two already, but this is way nicer than mine"!
I know that once they've been updated to electric that they aren't as valuable but I DON'T CARE....I LOVE IT AND ITS ALL MINE!! I am one happy antiquer today.....What did you all find?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Rusty Thimble

Brenda is having a giveaway for August and will have 5 different Prims.....How exciting. Just let her know that I sent you over. Click HERE to sign up.
Here's one of the goodies: Isn't he cute!!??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Witchy Giveaway....

My friend Jenn from Bittersweet Prims is having a giveaway on her blog so go on over and check it out. She's recently become a pattern designer so if you like Giveaways, Dollies, Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins and Witches check out what she is offering......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friendship Seed Swap:

Watching a plant grow from a single tiny seed is just amazing to me.....I love the sense of accomplishment, beauty and wonderment of it all....I had the pleasure of seed swapping with Traci of York Mountain Primitives....She sent me: Dead Nettle, Columbine, Grape hyacinth and Chives. I can't wait to plant them...and look at how cute the lil' ditty bag is that they came in....I see more flower beds dancin' in my head. Thank you Traci...yours should be arriving shortly...

My new zinnia crop this year (from last year's harvested seeds)....just starting to open up....Pretty soon there will be a burst of so many colors....They bloom til the first frost~my kinda flowers!
Madalynne (Primitive Pineapple)~How are yours doing?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodes, Gardens & Galloping Giddiness....

(warning: picture heavy)....Hello blog friends....Where is the summer going?  Can't seem to catch up but that's the story of my life!
Here are a few goodies from my New England friend Kat of Primitive Echos. I also had the pleasure of meeting our blog friend, Misi of 1890 Gable House Musings and obtained a few of her treasures.....

I'm also posting this for OLM's "What makes your Heart skip a beat" Giveaway since these things/people make my lil' heart skip a beat! Here they are in random order:

Remember this prim black table tray that Kat made for me in her workshop? it!.... Here's a colonial candle in Maple Applesauce from Misi.....I can smell it even before I come down the stairs all the way....amazing!

Kat's Door board....I loooove this!!

Kat's bonnet from her OWN pattern! (I'm so sorry Kat~had this all ready last night and somehow forgot to post it)! This bonnet is truly to DIE for...such detail; wish you could all see the stitching on it! Kat did a marvelous job for not knowing what she was doing....or so she ya girl! :)

Fabric boxes from Kat:

bowl filler fixens from Misi in Farmhouse Tea.....just the most divine scent!!

A stunning Prim George Washington Box from Misi: I love anything with George Washington and Abe Lincoln....

Here's a sideview of the box: Love this red feathered design...just adds so much to the whole box!

Garden Thyme::

here's my sweet corn growing oh so nicely:

Cucs are one of my favs...can't get my dh or son to eat them though!

Apple egg gourds haven't blossomed yet

Jalapenos: love these in a ton of dishes!

2nd crop of peas-love eating them fresh right in the garden, Here's eggplant too:

Tomatoes & Peppers all in a row:

No its not a CSI crime scene: It's my coveted sweet annie: I have 8 precious clusters growing so nicely! The tape will deter the deer from stepping all over it!!  Now you all know that this surely makes my heart skip a beat! Don't look at the weeds....why do they have to grow faster than our plants??

two apple trees/pumpkin/sweet annie patch at a distance-on the East side of our yard: had to put a scarecrow in this year to keep the crows away...they were eating our pumpkin seeds! Looove prim crows just not the real ones that eat seeds! Poor brownish grass!

Love my new rusty red wagon:

Sunflower (one of my fav summer flowers):

Front flower bed:

and of course my boys and summertime make me very Happy:

My sister Carol: We have so much fun together! Don't feel too bad for her "pale" skin...she's going crusin' to Bermuda soon!

Love My Momma and My Sister:

and my sweet daughter Rachel..... with red hair

Love my Momma and Daddy: He still gets excited to dance with her....after almost 50 years! That makes my heart dance!

Wow, how did I forget to add in my sweeties last night?? I looove my pups!!

Molly: cockapoo, will be 5 on July 24th~She's our personal doorbell...knows whenever anyone comes to call~

Lazy dog days of summer: Zoey: age 2 pure cocker:

These two follow me around and just crack me up....they are lights of my life...besides my children of course! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tolentreasure Goodies....

Run right over to see what Cathy from Tolentreasures is giving away as part of a celebration of 500 posts....Now that's ALOT of talking & typing!! Now many of you know that Cathy has several little grandchildren that she spends time with, has a t-shirt business with her husband and paints & creates in between...She writes about her life and has the funniest posts I've ever read!! Head on over to see what she has painted for her giveaway....shhhhh (I secretly want all of it!)....but I have to be fair and let you all get a stab at it too!

I want this one too!! :)

A Bonnet Sale....

Lecia @ Farmhouse Prims is having a Bonnet sale with FREE shipping...She makes such beautiful prairie bonnets...Just look at how great this one looks in her PRIM home!! Take a peek at what she has available...they're going FAST!! Click on the link or pic to go shopping!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prairie Bonnet

Here's my first ever made coffee/vanilla dyed prairie bonnet. I used a Kim's Whims pattern...I reinforced the brim section with heavy interfacing, made a minor adjustment and tacked down the outer ties instead of "seam ripping" and adding them...Couldn't bring myself to do that....I also added a second pair of ties on the inside (If I ever decide to wear wouldn't that be a sight!?) Think I'm going to try a ruffled one next on the pic to enlarge.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodies and more goodies....

Here's what I ordered from Mandy over at Bittersweet Folkart Primitives....a gorgeous, and very large Black Uncle Sam donning vintage blue and gold starred fabric...He's holding a flag made with the same material and says God Bless America....I just loooove him...I even bought the pattern since Mandy's having a $5.00/epattern sale going on for Independence Day....Here he is sitting on my ($2.00 garage sale antique oak school desk.....
A close up:

His Flag:

Also here is what I won from a giveaway on Laura's blog-Rhodes Creations....this is a great bag that could be used for many things: a handbag, a grocery bag, a beach bag...heck I might be able to put a small dog in it..only dogs are horses...29 and 34 lbs...Wow its all handmade & embroidered by Laura herself...great job and Thank you! It's just beautiful!!

Next up is a surprise goody that came in the mail today from Cyndi over at Distinctive Creations just for entering her giveaway recently (not winning might I add but only entering!)...She was so generous to award many who entered her giveaway with different darling surprises...I'd say we all were lucky!!....Just look at this sweet lil' scarecrow all handmade by Cyndi....The picture does not do him justice...he is amazingly handcrafted to perfection. The detail is unbelievable...from his handpainted & stitched face to his sweet overalls, cute burlap hat, little fingers and sissal stuffing. This guy is not going in a box...He's stayin' right here near my corn...and he's gonna scare those crows away that like to visit my pumpkin garden! Cyndi is truly one talented lady...She also makes the sweetest annies, bunnies and snowmen...Go check out her blog!
Click on the pic to see his detail...Thank you so much Cyndi! I will treasure him always!'s my newest obession. Rug hooking with yarn....I purchased this Oxford punch needle right from its creator-AmyOxford over at Her website even thought I know very little about hooking...I do know that I like the look of pieces made with the size 10 hook. So I need all the rug hookers help here...This is also what I bought...I know many use wool yarn but I thought I would try this soft jiffy's acrylic but I like the look and feel of it...its soft and fuzzy...seems to be a tad bit smaller in diameter than the sample yarn that comes with the hook...Does anyone kow if it will work?? I also purchased monks cloth because I want to make a rug tuffet for a small round stool....Also what is the difference between monks and weavers cloth or is it the same? (where is Marge from Hungry Hook Primitives when I need her?) I'm thinking black background and pennys around the stool using these colors...note the punch of color with chartreuse (one of my all time fav colors) this the right kind of hoop?-It's slightly smaller than the stool area.  Any help would be appreciated....

and here is the table runner that I started the other day. It still needs to be quilted on top but essentially is done otherwise...I love the way it looks with my bumble bees! This is my first runner and I'm kinda proud of it. What do you think? Any ideas for the stitching? I think I'll keep it straight and simple (stitch in the ditch) because its so full of visuals for the eyes already!

Have a Wonderful 4th of July (and Happy Birthday to my Friend, Jenn of Bittersweet Prims-she's a firecracker baby!) One last thing: Please check out Jenn's new venture: The Olde Primitive Peddler Artisan started today and they are having giveaways galore from so many talented artisans.