Monday, January 9, 2012

Valentine Prims

Here are a few Valentine-y prims that I've been working on. I love pink and what a great time to use up my pink fabric than for Valentines day. I love grungy prim but not on my pinks...makes them look too dull and my pinks need to be pink. I'll use the coffee/vanilla mixture on the reds though...but not my pinks...hehehe.

We will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary this year on.....Valentine's Day -February 14th....WooHoo! Where does the time go? I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful husband who is kind, caring, generous, loving, helpful and oh, who brings prims home for me!....can't find a pic of he and I right now :(

I primmed up some tags with the coffee/vanilla mixture; stamped sweet words on some tags and used my key stamp on others. (I looove my new key stamp)!! I also aged the tags with sepia ink. Added grungy muslin tie with sweet annie. They smell so great!! I have a few bunches of dried sweet annie for sale here on my blog sidebar if anyone is interested.

I love this pink rose fabric....have had it for years and never used it!! :)

Here's a whole bowl full of beautiful reds N pinks !! Added  vintage buttons to these!

Here's a crystallized heart that I made using borax soap.
Love the sparkle on this chenille heart! This heart is actually quite heavy from the crystals....I really need to make more but ran out of borax that my friend Jolene gave to me....time to make a borax run this week...hehe...

Here's the tutorial link from Martha Stewart. The video tutorial is for snowflakes and is on the left hand side of the link. There are written directions as well. (just shape your chenille pipe cleaners into hearts for Valentine's Day, dip overnight and wake up to crystally, sparkly goodness. This is a great project for kids too).

Here's a Vintage Valentine's graphic: 

if you'd like this one or more FREE Valentine's graphics to use-click on the link:


  1. Oooo... Love the prim hearts, and that crystallized heart is LOVELY! This is definitely something I want to try -I love how it looks! Thanks for the link for the tut. :D


    ~Morgan ♥

  2. Those are cute! Thanks for sharing! Kim

  3. Hi Patti, Love the hearts. And the crystilized one too. Monica and I did "icicles one year. Mine didn't cover like your heart did!!
    Have a great week,

  4. Pretty Hearts! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Love your things, perfect as always! Hugs, Lecia

  6. Hi Patti,
    Love that bowl full of hearts! I think the vintage buttons really finish them off perfectly. :) Thanks for the links to the borax hearts and the graphics!

  7. Love your hearts! They are so nice and right now, I am adding Borax and pipe cleaners to my shopping list. Those kiddos are going to love it! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Hi Patti~
    Your blog is so festive and all your prim hearts are way cute! Love the chenille/borax one, might have to try that one!
    Enjoy your day~

  9. Our wedding anniversary is on Valentines Day as well but we will be married 3 times longer than you will be this year. Talk about where did the time go! Blessings, Shirlee

  10. Patti, thanks for stopping by my blog! I may have to try those borax hearts. What a clever idea. :)

    Hope you have a happy Tuesday!


  11. Love your Prim hearts and the crystalized one too! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the hearts Patti! I've seen the crystal ones, but never knew how they where made~ thank you for sharing the how to with us.
    Keep up the great crafting!
    Prim Blessings,

  13. Happy early Anniversary!! Hehe, I'm usually late with the wishes, kinda nice to be early for a change.

    Your bowl of hearts are adorable! Love the tags and how you attached them to the hearts, very cute!

    Oh, the crystal heart turned out really cute! My daughter made a snowflake last year in science, the first time I had ever seen them. I really like the heart.

    Cute, cute things Patti!

  14. Happy Aniversary!!
    Love the bowl full of hearts!!

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